CS50+ Personal Sound Amplifier

Styled to look like a phone headset, with Bluetooth, for those who need a little help in certain situations.

Only $349 each


Superior audio performance and complete personalization for those with full-time hearing challenges.

Only $449 for single / $735 for a pair


Our Approach

All good ideas spring from a problem and a bit of insight. In our case, the problem is the enormous gap between all those who need hearing care around the world and those that are actually receiving care. There are somewhere between 600 million and 1 billion people that need help with their hearing, depending on the degree of hearing loss. Contrast that need with the fact that the traditional hearing aid industry is selling only 10 million products per year.


Groundbreaking Changes

To accomplish what we set out to achieve, we needed to approach the problem from a fundamentally different perspective. We attacked the problem at the highest level, re-envisioning not just the product itself, but also the entire method for how individuals have their hearing screened and then get fit with hearing products.

The result is an innovative new approach that allows an individual to screen their hearing, easily fit the product for greatest comfort, and instantly program the product to their desired preferences. All done with nothing more than a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world.


Don't Just Take Our Word for It


At Home & Abroad

We have also chosen to pursue a different path to you, the customer. In the U.S., we sell direct to you via the internet, allowing us to provide state of the art products at a fraction of the price for traditional solutions.

In developing markets, we partner with on-the-ground social enterprise organizations that provide health care services and work with them to extend their service offering to include hearing care. All at a price that is sustainable for the local market, and backed by organizations that are, and will always be, local to the people being served.

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How to videos

Need a bit of visual guidance on getting your new device set up and ready to use? Take a look at some of our support videos.

Smartphone Customizer App

Personalize and control the settings within your Sound World Solutions product with our free Customizer App. Download today!


Nothing speaks louder than our customers and we want to hear from you. Below are a few notable testimonials that we would like to share with you.

I bought two companion hearing aids for my mom two months ago. My mom is hearing conversations and television even better than with her previous aids, which cost thousands of dollars more, and this means a lot to someone on a fixed income. We are no longer rushing out to buy batteries or looking under the sofa for lost aids. Your product has improved my Mom’s quality of life and made helping her better easier for everyone.


I purchased my Companion Hearing Aids in March of 2015. They literally changed my life. I am 77 and still work full time in Construction Management. I can now participate 100% in meetings in and out of the office. My Bluetooth connection to my smartphone puts me online as never before. I also connect to my computer for online digital communication to project sites.

Best purchase I have ever made.
I’m hooked.


A friend told me about his Sound World aids, and I ordered mine the next day. I don’t have to ask people to repeat what they said now. and I understand what is being said in movies or on British TV shows. Thank you for making them so affordable!




The CS50+ personal sound amplifier is ready for audio streaming from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The CS50+ switches automatically between the amplification mode to audio mode once the media player in your phone or computer starts steaming...


Both the CS50+ and CS10 personal sound amplifiers fit snugly into your ear, just as a Bluetooth headset would. Each headset also includes three different tips (earbuds) that you can choose from for added comfort: small, medium and large. Extra-large ear tips are...


The CS50+ Personal Sound Amplifier features Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, which offers the following benefits: Longer battery life: up to 12 hours Universal compatibility with all Bluetooth-enabled phones from different manufacturers Wireless connection to...

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